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The Top Seven

South Carolina Drought Response Committee uses these seven indices and indicators to determine the current drought status.

The maps below are updated regularly to reflect current conditions. Data used for the following indices and indicators are released at different points during the week. To best capture current conditions, a week ranges from Saturday to Friday.

United States
Drought Monitor for
South Carolina
Thumbnail of U.S. Drought Monitor Map.
Crop Moisture
Thumbnail of Crop Moisture Index map.
Palmer Drought
Thumbnail of Palmer Drought Severity Index map.
Streamflow Levels
Thumbnail of 14-day average streamflow map.
Thumbnail of lake levels map.
Thumbnail of groundwater status map.
Drought Index
Thumbnail of Keetch-Byram Drought Index map of the United States.

Last Month's Temperature and Precipitation

The images below provide the previous month’s conditions regarding temperature and precipitation. The first two images provide the observed temperature and precipitation while the last two images show how observed temperature and precipitation compare to the normal. A "climate normal" is the average (expected) temperature or precipitation for a given time frame (month, season, year) for a given location based on a 30-year average. The precipitation maps show data within the water basins that flow into or are shared with South Carolina.

Thumbnail of observed temperature for the previous month.
Thumbnail of observed precipitation for the previous month.
Thumbnail of departure of normal temperature for the previous month.
Thumbnail of percent of normal precipitation for the previous month.

Other Drought Indicators

There are numerous sources of information for assessing drought for different environmental factors and industries.

Drought Impact Reports
Water Resources